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Children have only one chance of a childhood. They deserve to be protected from harm, to enjoy good emotional, mental and physical health, and to feel that they belong in their home, at school and in their local community.[i]

Understanding your child’s cognitive development can help you to choose the right activities to further boost thinking, remembering and reasoning abilities. Cognitive development in early childhood refer to your child’s mental capacity for problem solving, language acquisition, learning about objects and relations between cause and effect. In other words, it is immensely important and forms the foundation for many of the other skills your child will learn later in life.[ii] Schools are the only place where they learn a lot. But in our education system preschool is boring and creating stress for students.


Our Vision

To become the pioneers in re-defining education and create an environment that encourages growth as well as enjoyment for the children. “Our vision, as a community, is to inspire a passion for learning”.

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